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by Dec 12, 2021

Good News Booster

This has been a hard year for many with a variety of ongoing COVID-related challenges, persisting long after we thought we were done with pandemic restrictions. In the shadow of spiking COVID infections, lost employment, renewed travel and gathering restrictions, divisions among communities, supply chain shortages, and so much more, some positive news is especially welcome.

Here are a couple of small items to remind us that there is much good in the world, even in these troubling times.

I’m Honestly Fed Up With All The Bad News, So I Illustrated 40 Of The Best Ones From 2021

We are often bombarded with fear-mongering and shocking headlines that make us feel that the world is falling apart.

While it’s important to report problems and issues, I believe there is so much good in this world that just needs to be found and promoted. This is especially true after the last few years we have had with COVID, political, and social unrest, and seemingly more negative headlines than we care to count.

That’s why I started The Happy Broadcast and, this year, it’s why I am so proud to announce WHOLE, the free happiness app. WHOLE is a culmination of what we started 4 years ago with The Happy Broadcast, a positive place filled with activities aimed at improving your mental health and happiness. We partnered with science to identify activities that are known to boost happiness, and then built them into a daily tracker that suggests simple things you can do to boost your mood.


Musical Advent Calendar

A new musical treat each day from December 1-24, 2021.  From Inner Space Concerts – and each one is in support of a charity chosen by the day’s artist.

Have you ever thought about creating your own advent calendar?  Try one at
From the site: Upload photos, voice messages and videos to create your personal & free online advent calendars to share with friends and loved ones!

YouTube Good News Story Summary (Nov 2021)

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