Getting outside during lockdown

On March 22, Nova Scotia Premier Stephen MacNeil declared a provincial State of Emergency.  These measures included the closure of many public spaces including parks, beaches and trails.N.S. declares state of emergency in response to COVID-19 This has caused additional stress for people using outdoor spaces as relief from stay-at-home guidelines. After the oritingal declaration,… Continue reading Getting outside during lockdown

Uncharted territory: Pandemic declared

Social Distancing.  Finding Community. Coming together by staying home. In the past two weeks, there have been significant and frightening changes in our communities and around the world.  It is difficult to even know where to start or what to write. As we have all heard repeatedly, we are all experiencing something unprecedented. It will… Continue reading Uncharted territory: Pandemic declared

A new tactic

Sometimes you have to move on For many years, I have wanted to restore an old trunk.  Several years ago, I picked up one that had be thrown out with the trash.  It was in decent shape and I took it home with the best of intentions to either restore it to a measure of… Continue reading A new tactic