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It is Sunday and a good day to offer some positive news from the past week or so, things that I haven’t covered in previous posts but felt that I wanted to share.  Plus a picture of a cute squirrel that I hope will make you smile.

First joint podium in athletics since 1912.
High Jumpers elect to share gold

I didn’t think that I was that interested in the Olympics but have been catching some of the highlights. Congrats owed to all the competitors who have qualified to compete at this level.  However, it was not the stories of records and triumph that stood out from the event.  Instead it was a story of shared success and emotion.

I am always a sucker for the personal interest profiles and watching this story as it happened really reached my emotional side.  From all the buzz on social media, I am clearly not the only one who was caught up in this moment. What a great result for two men who have both come back from potentially career-ending injuries, and have supported each other on their journeys. When given the option to jump-off or share gold, they didn’t even hesitate. A heart-warming and inspiring story about sportsmanship and the meaning of friendship.  Congrats and big thanks to Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi for giving us all something to celebrate.

The Sound Aquatic

This week, I heard about an interesting new podcast on a favourite CBC Radio Show, Podcast Playlist.

The Sound Aquatic is descibed like this: For scientists researching the animal kingdom, the global lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study how animals react when humans get out of the way. In this clip, we learn about how ocean life reacted to the sudden disappearance of nearly all shipping traffic in New Zealand.

The first episode was a fascinating presentation of The Ocean and the Anthropause, and the speakers suggested there is reason to believe that the findings will ensure more positive action in support of more environmentally responsible choices in our changing world.  I want to believe that they are right in that prediction.  Based on what I have heard, I highly recommend this series.  I’m also eager to check out other podcasts on the Hakai Magazine podcast collection.

Learn more at the Haiki Magazine Podcast



Powerful Rendition

And finally,  because this just popped up on my feed today and I always love this song, a selection from the United States Air Force Band’s Singing Sergeants. This song has a range of different  connections for me.  Its melody line is awe-inspiring and the poetry tells such a strong story.  This version is so beautiful that it made me catch my breath.  And then just feel the song and be in the moment.   The music is so incredible.  It gets me every time. I hope that you enjoy it too.

Find your own good news

Look around for good news stories, things that make you happy, a chance to spread joy.

You will be glad you did!!

Featured Image by author, M.E. O’Toole, in Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mary Elizabeth O'Toole

Mary Elizabeth O'Toole

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  1. doug

    I will have to check out the CBC podcast on Sound Aquatic. Thanks for the tip.

    • Mary Elizabeth

      Thanks for your comment, Doug. I hope that you enjoy the podcast.

  2. Kebba Buckley Button

    OK Mary Elizabeth, I need to go on and on about this post of yours. You raise so many great points of good news, and we can all use that, these crazy days. I am delighted to learn a new word from Hakai Magazine, Anthropause– the pause of so-busy human activity in a location, allowing the rest of the living beings to really live. More needs to be said about this. Finally, the United States Air Force Band Singing Sargents singing Hallelujah- OMG! I needed a good cry, and I cried all the way through. The officers are now allowed to be expressive, and one of the women is pregnant! Thanks huge for the delightful and uplifting post.

    • Mary Elizabeth

      Appreciate your comments, Kebba. And isn’t Anthropause a wonderful word? It is so evocative and I am with you – everyone should have this word and its implications – in their vocabulary. I am with you on Hallelujah. Admittedly, I end up quite emotional whenever I hear this song but this version – Wow!

  3. Brenda Fluharty

    Hallelujah will forever remind me of my beloved grandfather. I song that speaks to my soul.

    • Mary Elizabeth

      Thanks for sharing that, Brenda. I am glad that the song has a positive connection for you. It always reminds me of my mom. The words and music of the song have such power and these performers do it justice.

  4. Martha

    Hallelujah is one of my favorite songs and I love to sing it at church! The US Air Force Band Sergeants have powerful voices!

    • Mary Elizabeth

      I love it too. The melody is so haunting. I can’t do it justice to sing it but doesn’t stop me from joining in when I’m driving. I agree that the Air Force band does an amazing version. Thanks for your comment.

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