5 Benefits of Minimalism

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I’ve found that the less stuff I own, the less my stuff owns me.


Nathan W. Morris

Some Rewards of Minimalsm

Why you are Gaining not Limiting

This week, I have outlined some of the advantages of choosing a minimalist lifestyle.  Today, I’ll look a little more closely at a number of the benefits that come from setting your intentions and focusing on your priorities.  Simplifying your life does not have to mean limiting or restricting yourself.  In fact, it helps you to think about what is most important to you and help you make your lifestyle more in line with your hopes and passions.

Here are some specific benefits that are part of the minimalism journey.

Increased Space

Creating more open physical space might be the most immediate and obvious benefit of choosing minimalism. When yoyou purge physical belongs and find a place for everything, there is more room to move, less clutter and confusion. As a result, your physical spaces begin to feel more open, less cramped and claustrophobic. You might be more surprised at how clearing visual clutter also opens your mind and frees space for thinking about more important things that too much stuff in your environment.

More Free Time

When you rid your life of physical and digital clutter and distractions, you’ll find yourself with more time.  Less physical stuff typically means less cleaning, less maintenance and less time just organizing and managing things.  Reducing your digital load by cleaning your inboxes and unsubscribing from unwanted emails frees you from possibly hours of distracted and unimportant messages every day.

Peace of Mind

There is often a sense of relief and satisfaction that results from letting go of what is unnecessary in your life.  And you might surprise yourself with what you start to see as unnecessary.  It brings calmness and peace of mind to know that you have intentionally chosen what to keep and what to let go.  And this process can lead to an even more reduced attachment to material things as you focus more on what most matters most to you.

Caption: Simplify your life, your home and your scheulde so you can focus on what is most important

More Confidence

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that material possessions are a measure of success.  As a result, we often fall into the habit of holding on to things to show what we have done and accomplished.  That tendency can also be driven by fear that if you let go, you will miss things and won’t be able to replace them.  In contrast to that expectation, people usually find that their life is fine with much less.  This discovery means that possessions lose their power as you gain confidence and are able to let go of the fear of regretting less stuff.  You will know that you’ll be fine with fewer things, especially when choices for what you have in your life are made with intention.

Increased Happiness

Another benefit of minimalism is higher levels of happiness.  It’s true.  hen you feel in charge of your choices and more in control of how you live, you’ll notice that your mood improves.  You’ll gain more life satisfaction and be happier overall.  It is so rewarding and satisfying to let go of unnecessary burdens and have more times that bring you happiness.

These are a few of the many benefits of a minimalist approach.  I’ll highlight more as we go through the rest of the month.

Take Action

Challenge Questions for the Day 5

Which of the identified benefits appeals to you most?  Why?

What other benefits have you experienced from trying a minimalist approach?

Declutter Challenge for Day 5

Linen closet – sort, fold, organize – and clear any items that are surplus.  Ask yourself how many towels and pillowcases do you really need.

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Mary Elizabeth O'Toole

Mary Elizabeth O'Toole

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  1. Kebba

    The whole idea of minimalism appeals to me. After my husband’s passing, there are fewer things in my home, and I have more storage space. Cluster by cluster, I am releasing cubic yards of formerly favorite belongings. With the master closet rebuilt after a flood, putting things back means enjoying releasing much– about 1/3 today. Woot!

  2. Kelly

    I am a minimalist in every way I can make work! I don’t hold on to a lot of things. If I keep something, it truly gives me joy.

    I like margin. Free time and free space!

    • Mary Elizabeth

      I admire that approach, Kelly. Did it come easy for you or did you have to transition to minimalism? I am with you on finding free time and free space. It is a very calming way to live. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Lily Leung

    They all spoke to me. Peace of mind is the loudest! I’m working on clearing the clutter in my head. Less digital overload helps alot.

    • Mary Elizabeth

      Thanks for sharing, Lily. I’m also on a quest to further reduce online time and digital assets. Good luck with clearing and with your quest for more peace.

  4. Larada Horner-Miller

    Increased space spoke to me today. I have a box of resources from a book I published in 2020 next to my desk. I don’t need it anymore, so why have I kept it?

    Letting go is one of the thoughts I’m working on in my personal life! Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this topic!

    • Mary Elizabeth

      Thanks for sharing, Larada. You have asked a good question. Did you take action to do anything to consolidate your box of research resources? Letting go is one of the things that I continue to fight. I have a tendency to hold on to things and events but am definitely improving. Good luck with your ongoing efforts.

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