Thoughts on Abundance, Gratitude – and Mindset

by Sep 28, 2021

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Gratitude and Abundance

A Powerful Connection

When we acknowledge the abundance of good in our lives, we can not help but feel gratitude for our gifts. And when we express and embody gratitude, we open ourselves to greater opportunities for abundance.

In the past month, I have happened to be in conversations with a number of different groups when the topic of gratitude was discussed.  And each time that was soon followed by talk of abundance and belongings.  It surprised me to hear how different the views were on the connection – and even which happens first.

Intrigued, I reached out to several online business connections who all write about gratitude, abundance and the power of mindset. I asked them to share some thoughts on the powerful connection between abundance and gratitude.  They generously agreed to contribute to this discussion.


Kelly McCausey

Abundance is not all about money

Kelly McCausey is all about content marketing and community building. At Love People + Make Money, she helps others publish content they’re proud of for people they love.

I hear the word Abundance used to describe money, as if cash flow were the true sign of it being present in someone’s life. I get why it can feel that way to some and I’ll speak only for myself here because everyone has the privilege of viewing things they want to.

Let me offer you this idea: Abundance is not all about money.

I’ve been broke and living in abundance, surrounded by amazing friends and miraculous provision all around. I’ve had plenty and lived in scarcity – worried that money would stop flowing.

In one space and place, I was leaning into gratitude for every small thing. My needs were met and I knew beautiful friendships and opportunities. Is that not abundance?

One the other space and place, I had cash flow – but no wisdom for handling it. I worked too hard, chased too much and started to lose my joy. Does that sound like abundance?

In the last two years, I’ve dug in to understand more about abundance. I’ve asked God how I can receive without all the hustle and relaxed into doing what I love. I’ve found a growing confidence in knowing my needs will be met – financially yes, but emotionally, relationally, intellectually, and spiritually even more so.

When I show up to be me and do what I’m here to do, abundance flows all around me. As I’ve taken my eye off the dollar, more of it has showed up – that’s a wild thing I hardly understand LOL! But I am oh no grateful for how it all works.

Kelly McCausey

Love People + Make Money

Laura Orsini

Similarities Between Shampoo and Gratitude

Laura Orsini is an award-winning author, podcaster, and speaker. Her personal mission is to share the message that positivity can overcome the worries of the world and to help people enjoy embracing this concept. Laura is active in several Phoenix business groups and is an accomplished Toastmaster, blogger, and author success strategist.

The instructions are on virtually every shampoo bottle in every bathroom in the modern world:


Recently, it occurred to me how similar this cyclical pattern is to the formula for attracting abundance. 

Acknowledge abundance.
Give thanks for abundance.
Receive more abundance for which to give thanks.


In order to truly embrace and experience abundance, we must first move past the idea that it is exclusively tied to wealth. Abundance comes to us in myriad ways. When we open our minds and exercise our gratitude muscles, we see abundance in the gifts of health, freedom, relationships, creativity, hobbies, time, treasure, and so much more.

Once we acknowledge the abundance of these gifts, we wisely and continuously give thanks for them. This primes us to both become aware of and receive even further abundance.

The more we adept we become at practicing this cycle, the more innate it will become. The better we will get at doing it throughout our day. And the more we will have for which to be grateful.

Linda Brown

Learn to Express Gratitude

Linda Brown is a money strategist and profit first coach for female entrepreneurs. Many are overwhelmed by finances and feel dissatisfied with the income they’re bringing home, and Linda empowers them with easy-to-understand ways to make, manage, and keep more of their money.

As a child, one of my favorite books was the American folktale The Little Engine That Could. After I read the book to my children, I began to wonder why our optimism disappears as adults.

It took a lot of self-contemplation, and then I realized that too often, as adults, we are so busy completing the necessary daily tasks that we go through the motions without conscious thought. Similar to a hamster running on its wheel, going in circles, and staying in place.

I began an experiment. I started asking my clients different questions, such as “What went well, and what role did you play in the outcome?” Soon I realized that my clients were excited to replay situations and share what went well and their contributions.

The more they looked for the good in what was happening, the happier they were, which enabled them to believe more in themselves, which provided them with the courage to leap for the next level.

The more gratitude you express, the more faith you’ll have in yourself, the more abundance you will achieve.

Linda Brown

Spire Buisness Inc.

Paul Taubman

Enjoy. Receive. Repeat.

Paul B. Taubman, II, aka, The Gratitude Guru, founded the website Paul has been spreading gratitude for over 3 decades. Using simple techniques, Paul helps people move past feelings of despair and gloom and moves them towards joy, love, happiness, and gratitude.

For your free Gratitude Burst, visit

Paul Taubman (Gratitude Guru)

All About Gratitude

The Universe, God, or the Divine Being (or whatever you refer to) provides each one of us with unlimited potential. One of the awesome things about human potential is that the more you use it, the more you get! You cannot use it all up! There is an abundance (an unlimited amount) for us to achieve.

This is expressed clearly in The Upanishads:

Out of abundance they took abundance, and still abundance remained.

When you live a life of abundance and gratitude, there is always more gratitude for you to enjoy. The more you enjoy it, the more you will receive it.

When you feel abundant, you will naturally feel grateful for what you have. This applies to physical items as well as feelings of spirituality, enjoying good health, and even your emotional well-being.

When you are grateful for something, the universe with respond with providing more of it. Have you ever noticed that when things are going your way, they really start going your way! Unfortunately, the opposite is true – when you have a bad day, it can quickly spiral out of control.

What is the difference of these two? The difference is how you react or respond to the circumstance you encounter. Approach them with joy and happiness and gratitude, and you will attract a great abundance of it.

Enjoy. Receive. Repeat.

To get started, just be grateful for the littlest thing in your day. Be grateful that you woke up. See where the day takes you!

Mindset Matters

One striking similarity between these writings is that a practice of gratitude opens us to more abundance, more joy – and more reasons to be grateful.

Let’s hear from you

What are your beliefs and experiences about abundance, gratitude and the connection between the two?  Please share in the comments.

Mary Elizabeth O'Toole

Mary Elizabeth O'Toole

Educator, Artist, Storyteller


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