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by Jan 28, 2021

Best platform(s) for your message

Th best platforms for you or your business depends on many things.  To decide what is right for you, you first need to decide on your message and your audience.  All of the popular networks have advantages and disadvantages and will work better for certain applications.  Typically, you can choose to tell your story on any platform but you need to use a suitable message and approach to connect with your followers, who will  respond best to information fitting the profile.  

Forge and Smith, A Vancouver based web-design company, offers strategy for selecting your platforms in How to Pick the Best Social Media Platform for your Business.

Best Times to post on Social Media (in 2021)

Whether you have business or personal stories to share, the best time to reach your audience is when they are active and using the tools.  Timing is an important element of social media strategy.

It used to be said that the three most important things in business are Location – Location – Location.  That is not true in the global world of social media and these days it might be said that the most important things are Timing – Timing – Timing.   The biggest challenge is that most people will not see your post when it is first posted.  The sheer amount of data posted on any social network means that information changes frequently and is quickly replaced with the latest information.

When should you post to get the best engagement?  

To some extent, that will depend on your category, your followers, and the level of response to your posts, especially when they are first posted.  There are, however, some guidelines around the most effective posting times on different social platforms.

Read more in this article The Best Times to Post Your Social Media Updates in 2021 [Infographic], which includes a detailed infographic that summarizes findings from Blog2Social  from their recent evaluation of the average best times for posting, based on social updates from more than 60,000 businesses and bloggers worldwide.  

Making Social Media work effectively for you

Once you have chosen your platforms and identified the best posting times, you can coordinate a schedule and craft suitable messages that suit the audience.  To have a consistent and ongoing social media presence, you across multiple platforms, you will want to look into a social media management tool.  These tools will help you to schedule and publish posts, create a coordinated approach, provide analytics, increase efficiency and save time.  The available options provide a wide range of features and prices.   Here is one place to start evaluating which might be right for you:  Top 14 Social Media Management Tools for 2021

Do you have favourite times that you have found especially effective for your personal or business messages?  What tips do you have about timing of your social media postings?

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