Happy 2021!

by Jan 1, 2021


Happy New Year

Events of 2020 have been frequently described as ‘unprecedented’ and it has certainly been a stressful year for everyone.  Pandemic anxiety, social distancing, quarantine, lock downs, climbing COVID-19 case numbers and constant change with so much unknown had an impact on people around the world.  Many of us have been fortunate and were able to see this as a time of reflection and regrowth – a chance to ‘pivot’ (another word of the year).  We have had opportunity to embrace new learning, new ways of connecting, even successful new undertakings and growth.  If we were lucky, we had a safe home and people we loved to keep us strong and help us adapt.   For others, however, it has been a time of long, difficult hours, demanding and stressful work commitments, time away from loved ones, financial insecurity. 

The majority of us are relieved and happy to build good riddance to 2020.  We know that things will not change over night.  That when we woke today on this January 1 things would mostly be what they were yesterday.  In our hearts, we know we have a long way to go before we turn the corner on COVID but still we choose to believe this new day and this new year are special, a signal that we have turned a corner. 

Open To Possibility
New Year’s day is traditionally a time when we strive make a new beginning.  We resolve to do things differently, to be better, to make changes.  We get caught up with the enthusiasm of the fresh start, the chance to put things behind us.

After the difficult year that was 2020, we are all especially eager to celebrate the transition to a new year and embrace that possibility of change, growth and good news.  Collectively, we are determined to take a deep breath and welcome 2021 with all of its potential.

Lessons Learned

2021 has reminded us of important lessons.  Most importantly, that you never know what will happen so you should live your best life every day.  Things will happen that are beyond your control.

This difficult year has reminded us that life is not fair.  That it can often be difficult, challenging, unexpected. 

But it has also reminded us of the power of community, of quiet, of resilience, of kindness, of what we can accomplish when we come together, when we think beyond our own world, our own routines and make our voices heard.

Build Back Better

This New Year’s Day, take the opportunity to reflect on how you will change things for yourself, your family, and your communities.  
What lessons will you learn from the quiet of 2020?  From the way that nature has repaired and adapted?
What have you started in 2020 that you want to continue?  What will you be glad to let go?  Why?
How can you simplify your life, let go of things that you have discovered no longer serve you?
What organizations and businesses do you want to serve?
How has your family evolved and related in these unusual times?  How will it impact your connections and interactions?

What will you do to BUILD BACK BETTER?

Wishing you many good things, new adventures and a world of happy memories in 2021.

Mary Elizabeth O'Toole

Mary Elizabeth O'Toole

Educator, Artist, Storyteller


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